Main Street Salon gets Mangominted.

Mangomint has had the fantastic opportunity to work with a great independent hair salon in the heart of downtown Culver City. Over the past view years, Main Street Salon has established itself as a successful local business, however; Erin, the salon owner, was ready to grow.   

Originally bootstrapping the salon on her own, Erin developed her branding, website, and marketing strategy while juggling salon management and her daily appointments. Since beginning with Main Street, we've refreshed these original elements, making sure to maintain the original charm and ethos of her salon. A tighter brand look, an extensive salon photoshoot, a better site CMS, and a simple, yet effective marketing plan now has Erin headed in the right direction. Plus, she has more time for what matters, her clients.

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First shot on

I've always used Dribbble as a great reference site and a place to see some truly inspiring work. After being a passive on-looker for a while, I recently decided to make an account and see if I could get an invite. Huzzah! I landed one. Here is the quick first shot I recently did to thank Paolo Ertreo for the coveted Dribbble invite.

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I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

FOB Heaven

I am feeling quite savvy at the moment. And perhaps even a bit manly. My beard actually congratulated me, as I just deciphered this little flow chart gem and consequently saved myself 65 bucks by not having to go the the car dealership.



In all seriousness though, the internet truly is boundless. Reprogramming my key FOB took about 15 minutes in total, and a majority of that time was trying to understand these instructions.  

Suck on that Mazda dealership. 


And we're back.

Three years and about 5,300 pictures later we've made our way back to the Pacific coast of good ole' US of A.  At some point, I'll sit down and put my thought down on paper. Really for my own sake rather than anyone else's. But for now, the only thing I can think about is a song that Nirvana made popular in the 90's - Where did you sleep last night? Don't know. I'd have to go through the pictures.